Tile Installation

Tile installation – What Do You Need To Know?

Did you just get inspired by a recent vacation, and now you want to do up your house and you really want a makeover for the place? What is the best and the quirkiest way to lighten up the monotonous floors? Yes, tiles! They make the whole place look totally brand new. Tiles have been used in the houses for many years, and to be honest, no one was ever a fan of those. You can not get very creative with them and they somehow feel like a big commitment. Unlike the colors of the walls, you cannot change the tiles. Any kind of tile installation is everlasting and so is the decision.

Modern designs

There is good news! The tiles are no longer a big permanent decision that you are stuck with forever. Tiles have seen such a huge shift in how they look, with the course of time. Nowadays a lot of people are opting for installing tiles in a small area of the room which is quite a smart move. This way your house gets a makeover as well as you don’t have to make much effort to pop-up some color or patterns in your space.

New styles

Tiles now come in various patterns and even materials. You can add so much character to your place if you cover just a small corner of the room in tiles in a pattern of your choice and change your upholstery according to that in a similar tone or a contrasting color. You will love the outcome as they really make a huge difference. This can be a fun DIY project over the weekend and will change the whole place. Just by adding tiles to a small area, you can separate the portion of a room and use it differently. A lot of people add fun patterned tiles to a corner of the room, place some furniture or an accent chair and there, you have a nice reading and relaxing spot!

More options with tiles

You can browse some pictures for inspiration and let your creative instincts take over. You can add tiles to your kitchen, the living room, bathrooms, hallways – just any part of your house to where you want to draw the attention. This is much easier than doing up the whole place and also creating a lot less mess. Once you are at the hardware store, you will be surprised to see the options you can get. Your house will look no less than a magazine spread!

Tile Installation

How To Change A Ceramic Tile (Without Damaging The Rest Of The Floor)

When you have got the best ceramic tile floor, which by the way is sturdy too, the option of pulling out all the tiles or a few damaged tiles could be easy options, but not the most economical ones. A tile can break due to several reasons, such as a major shock, which happens when a tool drops from the top of a stepladder or some other reason. For any such case, you should find the most suitable method to remove the damaged tile.

The first step is to check if you have a spare tile of the same collection and color and lot. There may be differences in color tone and/or size when two tiles of the same collection and color are not of the same lot. The lot is printed on your box and has two elements, caliber, and tone. It is crucial to do this check if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. Then you will need a vacuum cleaner, oscillating tool or hand-grouted scraper, hammer, chisel and a good dose of patience.

Once this has been done, the following operational procedure must be followed:

  1. Using an oscillating or manual tool, scrape the grout around the tiles to separate it from other tiles. This way you will avoid damaging the other tiles.
  2. Once the grout joint has been removed, break the tile into several pieces. Do not try to remove it at once, as that will certainly damage the enamel of the tiles around.
  3. Remove all ceramic pieces and, using a hammer and chisel, scrape all the cement-glue that remains on the floor. During this step, proceed with caution to avoid damaging the tiles around.
  4. Once the cement-glue is scraped, check that your replacement tile fits into the empty space. If necessary, scrape your grout and/or cement glue again.
  5. Finally, spread some cement glue and make your grout.

Although this method is effective and has a good success rate, keep in mind that there is always a risk of damaging the rest of the floor by changing a tile. Indeed, you can break the enamel of a tile located next to it (which forces you to change two tiles or more!) Or, by striking on the floor (especially when it ‘s is a plywood substrate), you risk to peel the ceramic around. This is why such a repair should not be taken lightly. Finally, in the case of tiles located in damp environments, such as a ceramic shower, seek the advice of a professional tile installation Charlotte company before you embark on such a project.